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What is it?

Designed to deliver the needed visual tools indiscriminately and equitably to the smallest of attributes in sports.
Gamebook is a public website/application that provides free and unlimited access to the tools and solutions that are essential for youth and amateur sports success. Gamebook offers the complete coverage and access to a centralized multi-level social media content application that networks directors, commissioners, coaches, players, fans, parents, and officials.

The Problem

The non-existent centralized network solution for youth and amateur sports handicaps our ability to effectively provide any type of awareness, and transparency to the global community.

  1. Too many "individualized-disjointed" sports management solutions
  2. Costly license fees
  3. Disconnected social media for players, fans, and leagues
  4. Lack of coverage for regional and local youth development programs, such as sport camps, tryouts, and others events
  5. Lack of coverage for regional and local sport news, stats, and schedules...
  6. Lack of time line and historical statistics for teams and players
  7. Lack of reliable data and statistics for youth and amateur sports across the globe
  8. Lack of awareness and support for parents
  9. Lack of coverage for volunteers, coaches, game officials, and administrators
  10. Lack of focus and awareness on child development, health and wellness, and safety
  11. A Fan base, the social media network of fans to their teams/players, platform is none existent
  12. Lack of tools for college/professional scouts to effectively track players at the youth level
  13. Lack of awareness in common causes and pevention of youth sports injuries
  14. Many more...


The Solution

The youth sports worlds needs a professional site that offers free and unlimited online access to sports management solution for directors, commissioners, coaches, officials, administrators, trainers, players, and fans. Gamebook is the solution. We also provide an environment that is safe and easy to manage; a complete multi-level content control driven website that targets the needs of the youth and amateur sports community, and the social media framework to support all levels of sports.

  1. Create/Manage League(s) as a Commissioner
  2. Create/Manage Athletic Programs as a Director
  3. Create/Manage Team(s) as a Coach
  4. Create/Manage Player profiles and join Team(s)
  5. Create/Manage Fan profiles and follow Team(s), Player(s),Coaches, or other Fan(s)
  6. Create/Manage online registration for players, coaches, game officials, coordinators and volunteers
  7. Create/Manage Delegate users for members under 12+ years of age
  8. Manage/Track statistics, schedules, standings, and events
  9. Create/Manage rules for League(s), Team(s), and Athletic Programs
  10. Provide a direct social media network to fans, players, parents, teams, leagues, and coordinators/volunteers
  11. Provide coverage and visibility to all local, regional, national, and global programs
  12. Provide the ability to promote awareness to all levels of sports
  13. Provide coverage and visibility for training and certification programs
  14. Provide daily trends, highlights/statistics, on leagues, teams, and players
  15. Provide a fan base social media platform that supports all level of sports
  16. Many more...

The Vision

The vision of Gamebook is (1) to be the core platform solution for the global youth and amateur sports community, (2) to be the central hub for all sports fans, and (3) emerge as the global warehouse for youth and amateur sports - from stats to events, highlight reels to live gamefeeds-and back.

  1. Available on all devices including all mobile platforms
  2. Ability to browse every sports program available in any local area
  3. Ability to trend active players, coaches, officials, and teams
  4. Ability to manage and personalize sports portfolio for scouts and recruiters
  5. Provide fans the best and easiest place to track and follow their favorite player and team
  6. Provide fans the ability to create/manage forums, threads and other social media content
  7. Many more...


Featured Services

  • Commissioner


    The guy in the box seats. The commissioner runs the league. He organizes the teams and schedules, manages the coaches, settles disputes, and is the ultimate authority when it comes to the sport.

  • Official


    Blows the whistle. Officials make sure the game is played by the rules. This isn’t the back-alley pick-up game. We have rules and we play fair. Officials need their space too, otherwise commissioners wouldn’t know who’s available for their games.

  • Director


    The guy in the box seats. The director runs the entire athletic department. He organizes the teams and schedules, manages the coaches, settles disputes, and is the ultimate authority when it comes to the sport.

  • Director


    The guy with the foam finger and the video camera--the loudest and proudest voice in the stands. The fans are the reasons the players take the field and give it their all. The fan follows his/her teams and favorite players, lifting them up when they are down, and celebrating in their victories. The game starts and ends with --the fans.

  • Coach


    Beyond planning practices and making the line-up, coaches need to have the proper tools to schedule and manage the day-to-day operations for the sport at the team level.

  • Player


    Players have a unique insight into aspects of the game that fans don’t. In their days off, they can hang with fans and other teammates, but when game day comes around, they need to check the schedule and get to the court.


Team 1

Windell Camanse

CEO / Founder
Sr. Developer
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Joshua Lewis

COO / CFO / Founder
Sr. Developer
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Michael Gibson

Jr. Developer - Mobile
Team 3

Barry Ladd

Health & Wellness Developer

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